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How to tell your makeup artist what makeup you like

You should select your makeup artist based on the fact that you like what you see in their protfolios but makeup is very personal and what I consider as soft and natural might not be what you consider soft and natural.

The very best way to communiate with your artist is to give us visuals. Yes, we are very visual people, makeup does so much more for it's wearer but it is a visual feature and in pictures we can understand quickly what you are going for.

I always ask my clients to show me screenshots of looks they love. Whether it is from instagram, pinterest or a photo from a magazine doesn't matter.

Even if you like a particular photo only because of one or maybe only some aspects like : "I really love her eye shadow but I don't like the contour in this photo.".

Pictures are easy to communicate about for both of us because if I ask you straight what style you like it might be hard to put it into words so that we are both on the same page especially if you are not so much into makeup but you will immediately have an opinion about what you see and to communicate that is very easy for most people.

Also when you are planning a wedding you can use the power of pictures to create a wedding mood board. Or send me your picks in what's app and I'll create a personal mood board for you.

Did you know that mood boards are common practice on every high profile photo shoot or runway show? You can put pictures of clothes and looks you like, textile samples, dried flowers whatever you find inspiring and whatever flows into your inspiration for your wedding as a whole.

Yeah, you definitely need a mood board :)

It's fun to have one and a great memory to keep.

See ya'

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