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Airbrush Makeup May Be The Ultimate Solution For Your Wedding Day

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Makeup application techniques can be divided into classic and modern. Classic makeup ( which is liquid, cream- or powder foundations applied with fingers, brushes and sponges ) and modern which is makeup applied with an application via an airbrush system.

Both techniques are effective and can be combined as well. One technique isn't better than the other but each technique serves different needs of your skin, kind of event and personal preferences. I would prefer classic application in cases like insta glam full cover makeup, theatrical makeup, severe skin texture like acne and very mature skin.

I'm sharing several reasons why I prefer airbrush technique on most of my clients, especially on my brides and this is why I wrote a small love letter for my clients to understand what it actually is.

Fun fact:

The biggest misconception is that airbrush is something new. Nope! The first airbrush machine was invented in 1879 and quickly became the tool of choice for the beauty industry for professional makeup application.

I received permission to share this private photo of Hollywood Makeup Artist Monty Westmore using airbrush makeup on set of "Gone With the Wind".

However, airbrush makeup for most of the 20th century was only available for movie productions, high profile clients like famous actors and models and the commercial industry.

Fortunately, airbrush technology is now widely-available. Make-up artists like me bring this technology to your doorstep and you can even order an at-home

airbrush machine these days!

Who wouldn't want to use the professional tools which made some of the most influential people in the global entertainment, beauty and fashion industry look their best on their personal wedding day?

Let's jump in!

First: What Is Airbrush Makeup?

An airbrush system for makeup application is a spray gun which is connected to a compressor to mist a liquid foundation in a sheer layer onto the skin evenly. Without getting too technical, airbrush is like a makeup brush made out of airflow instead of bristles.

What are the problems brides face makeup wise and how can airbrush fix it?

Problem: Makeup Meltdown

Solution: Bulletproof bride

One of the biggest fears my bridal clients have is their makeup wearing off as the day goes on.

Fortunately for you, airbrush makeup is water resistant. Once applied correctly you are good to go from morning till night. So long wearing that it is an excellent choice for any underwater shootings. While jumping into a pool might not be on your bridal bucket list, at least you’ll know you could but just know technically you could if you wanted to.

The airbrushed complexion needs zero to minimum maintenance during the wedding day.

Instead of reapplying or adding products you can relax and enjoy the day with your beloved ones rather than standing in the bathroom wasting time on intense touch ups. Every makeup needs some maintenance but this foundation is happy with some dabbing of blotting paper. Done!

This makeup survives any heat and humidity all day which is crucial in israeli wedding season.

Problem: Uncomfortable wear

Solution: Lightweight Formula

Airbrush makeup is super lightweight and a very good option for people who are not used to wearing makeup. They will only feel it for a brief a second when the wet film lays over their face and then they’ll will forget they are even wearing makeup.

In fact if we don’t compare before and after photos, it is hard to tell because you could get the impression you just woke up with this perfect skin.Your partner will stand next to you blown away by this stunning beauty they are he is about to get married to and he will only have eyes for you.

Problem: How To Wear A Full Face And Not Look Painted?

Solution: Micro thin Layers For Natural Results

The foundation is layered in very sheer layers. This gives you the option to choose if you want a more sheer coverage or a more full coverage (and anywhere in between) your skin to look healthy and glowing naturally on your wedding day or if you prefer to cover up some flaws and still showcase a natural looking skin finish. However much you need or want you will always get a result which looks like you just woke up this way with perfect skin and at any time in the process you can decide to add more.

Problem: How To Look Great In Different Media Formats And in Real Life?

Solution: Insta Filter In Reality For A Perfect Multimedia Presentation

The mist lays very evenly onto the skin, no brush streaks or whatsoever will disturb the finished look. No excessive blending, just a quick mist of color and you are ready to go. The surface becomes instantly smooth like an instagram filter you can walk around with in real life. Airbrush makeup makes you look stunning in all media types like video and photos and you look nice in real life too, even if you wear a full face of makeup on your wedding day.

Think of airbrush makeup like pixels in a photo. The mist appears evenly to the eye and on camera but under the microscope you would see that the color is dispersed in tiny dots and in between these dots your natural skin shows through. The cameras will pick up these dots as smooth pixels and create a true HD image. This is why airbrush makeup is the only true HD makeup technique. That being said a professional makeup artist can reach HD foundation results with a classic application technique as well.

Some skin textures benefit from a classic makeup application more than from airbrush. You can however still use some airbrush elements on clients who have extreme acne or severe wrinkles. Apply the foundation with a classic technique and formula and spray blush, bronzer and highlights for example with an airbrush gun.

Problem: A Pimple Or Cold Sore Flares Up?

Solution: Sanitary Application For A Secret Camouflage

We all know the stress leading up to the most important day in our lives oftentimes results in acne flare ups, allergies or eczema, or the worst nightmare for any bride - a cold sore. Airbrush makeup is the most sanitary way to apply makeup as there is hardly anything touching the face. Airbrush makeup covers those troubled areas easily, seamlessly and in a way that won’t disrupt any skin conditions or flare ups.

Closing Thoughts:

Airbrush Is Suitable For All Ages And Almost All Skin Types

If your skin is very touch sensitive or suffers from rosacea, airbrushing will not trigger any additional redness on the skin. It just will magically evens out those redness areas magically and you can even airbrush the skincare beforehand to avoid touching and triggering those areas. Airbrush makeup even sticks to problematic skin conditions like scars and sunburns.

Easy Color Matching

It is so easy to mix and match colours to truly tailor the look to your individual features and wishes

Mature Clients And Mums Love It

Youth in a bottle – airbrush makeup gives a youthful appearance.Probably your mum wants to get made up on your wedding day as well. I promise she will love this youthful filter effect. It’s likely that this is a piece of modern technology she didn’t have on her big day and now she can enjoy herself a special treatment to look 10 years younger instantly. Enjoy getting ready together with a pampering treatment. Airbrush airflow feels gentle and nice on skin to most of my clients.


Airbrush makeup gives a natural, lightweight and flawless finish Teint that lasts all day in the excruciating biggest heat and heavy humidity and doesn’t need major maintenance.

Airbrush makeup is done fast and it is tailored to your individual needs very quickly. It is a total problem solver when it comes to appearance and gives you time to focus on everything else that matters to you. Enjoy every second of your wedding day and be with your family and friends and take your time to make those precious memories.

Everything else is taken care of and you will get insta-worthy pictures and videos for now and forever.

This is what my brides ask for and why I decided to bring them this special service.

Schedule a free complimentary phone call on my website if you want to know more about airbrush makeup for your wedding day.

Feel free to share this info with your friends and family who plan an event and can profit from this helpful information.

Wait! I have one bonbon hidden in my next blog post. Stay updated <3

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