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Amazing makeup starts with the right skin prep.......

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Sonia Roselli Beauty

Sonia Roselli is a successful American makeup artist with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry. Her passion for amazing skin led to the development of a luxurious skin prep line to elevate her own makeup work and to bring extraordinary quality to the clients in her chair and quickly the products became popular among her team members and from there the line became incredibly popular for professionals as well as for clients all over the world. 


Her products are innovative interpretations of Korean and Japanese skin care philosophy. They suit all skin types and are unscented. Each product can be used single or combined with your already existing skin regimen or you can build your regimen from scratch.


Cutting edge technology straight into your living room via international delivery!


Get excited and have a good skin day, every day!



$ 163.00

*All the links to the website of Sonia Roselli Beauty are affiliate links and I am earning a small commission from your purchases. Special offers and sold-out statuses will be shown in the skin prep section of Sonia Roselli Beauty. My site states original prices in $ USD.

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