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Wing your liner like a pro. Watch this while you are locked up at home!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Eyeliner or not eyeliner, that is a good question to ask before starting a makeup look.

First of all let me explain what an eyeliner can do for you.

A correctly placed eyeliner will make your eyes appear bigger and lifted upwards in a flattering way and also when getting ready for a special event your eye features will pop more in the photos.

For day makeup I prefer to keep the liner thin and not to extend to a flick or maybe choose a short kitten flick but for event makeup I think a sophisticated winged liner can elevate the whole look.

Katrin, what is a sophisticated eyeliner?

I think it is an eyeliner that perfectly suits your personal eye shape and also the kind of event you are going to attend.

As a professional makeup artist I undertand different eye shapes and what works and what doesn't and how I can tweak techniques, tools and products to make it work. Depending on your individual anatomy some things look more flattering than others but when it comes to eyeliner anybody can wear it with the correct selection and technique.

Products I highly recommend for crisp eyeliners are liquid liners with a felt tip.

They are user friendly.

In my makeup kit I am not working with those because there is no way to sanitize the tip.

Either I use an affordable brand like Revlon, essence or catrice and hand the product to my client after the service for their personal use or most of the time I will reach out for gel liner.

My three best gel liners are MAC Blacktrack, Gaya Mineral cosmetics and Bobbi Brown and I use Duraline mixing medium from INGLOT to thin out the formula if needed.

When it comes to brushes I often work with thin angled brow brushes in a stamping motion because the shape of the brush does the line work for me. Work smart, not hard :-)

To explain the right placement of the eyeliner, visuals work best and it happens that one of my favorite artists just published a free masterclass on her eyeliner technique.

I follow Rae Morris since years, I have all her books and some of her signature techniques infuenced how I approach makeup.

Rae Morris is a succesful australian makeup artist with over 25 years experience, she is an expert in fashion and editorial makeup (Vogue and co.)celebrity work, an author of several makeup books, a luxury brush and makeup designer and a global educator for makeup.

All of this makes her one of the most important artists of our time.

How she became famous?

Funny story, she was working backstage as a newbie when topmodel Naomi Campbell chased her artist away because she didn't give her the right signature Naomi lip ( nude, slightly glossy with a hint of darker liner around the edges, very trendy in 2020 by the way ).

Naomi dropped the lip brush in surprised Rae's hand and asked her to fix her lips and Rae did it because she listend to exactly what Naomi said she wanted and while Naomi was very pleased the door swang open and the room filled with reporters who took pictures of Naomi and her 'makeup artist' Rae Morris.

The newspapers all over the world printed it and a star was born. After this event Rae went home, embraced her natural talent and studied makeup artistry from one of our masters and sky rocketed her career ever since.

Here is the non-affiliate link to her latest book "Rae Morris Masterclass":

I love her books because the way how Rae describes things with words is as if she would be standing next to me. She has the gift to pass on useful knowledge so that you really understand the science behind it. If you love makeup and want to educate yourself this makeup book is gold worth. I highly recommend it for makeup lovers and professionals.

Now back to the eyeliner subject.

As I said the best way to talk about eyeliner is in visuals. Thanks to the Corona lockdown Rae shared this wonderful free eyeliner masterclass:

Enjoy practicing your best liner. Only practice makes perfect.

See 'ya!

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