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Image by Jon Tyson

Why should I hire a professional makeup artist for my event?


You are hiring a professional caterer, DJ, photographer, get a dress from a designer, don’t pick your flowers in the field but get your bouquet and car decoration from a florist, so why shouldn’t you hire a professional to take care of your hair and makeup needs? 

Being able to do a decent look for every day isn’t the same as doing makeup for a special event.

You will need a look that lasts all day and to reach this level of longevity in a hot and humid climate like Israel requires advanced products and techniques. Also you will get ready in the morning and finish in the night. You will constantly be exposed to different lighting situations from yellow, soft sun rise, to harsh noon sun, golden hour and nightlife lighting of your event location. Each light setting has a different effect on the appearance of your makeup and also you will most likely be filmed and photographed from all sides because you are the focus of everything on your day and you want them to have only eyes for you. An expert can ensure that all your hair & makeup needs are taken care of and why not getting pampered with a facial and a relaxing atmosphere where you can just sit in a chair, sip a prosecco and be the pretty bride? You deserve to be treated like a princess and Makeup by Katrin Levi can help you to look like one.


Do I need a trial or can I skip it?


I highly recommend not to skip your bridal trial. In fact I am not working with brides I don’t know prior to their wedding day unless you are a destination bride and time management issues hinder us to do a physical trial. In this case I offer personal video chats to get to know you and to build our relationship and to create your look together with you.


A trial is a rehearsal of your wedding day look and my clients love to get a sneak peek on how they will look and feel like in the role of  the actual bride and it is taking out the pressure for both of us on the wedding day because we both know what will happen and there will not be any miscommunication between what I am doing and the look you wish for and we’ll know exactly  which products work well for your individual needs.

Usually I hold my trials only with brides but if you are unsure about which look you want and feel better by booking a trial you are welcome to do so.


Do you offer airbrush makeup?


Absolutely. I am a professional airbrush artist and I decide according to your individual needs which application method is most suited for you. Especially for event makeup airbrush provides everything you will want for your makeup. It is seamless and extremely long lasting without heavy weight on your skin. I bring you the flawless technology which was only reserved for top models and film stars to your doorstep.


I want to book you, how do I reserve my date?


Please book a complimentary phone call and let me know your date so that I can check my availability in advance. In the phone call we will consult about your event and then you reserve your date in my calendar by signing my contract and paying a 30% non-refundable retainer. The retainer is non-transferrable to other services or dates. Who comes first gets the date. Specific dates aren’t reserved without contract AND retainer.


Which payment methods do you accept?


I accept all common payment methods such as cash, cheque, bit app, paypal, bank transfer. You can also combine different methods like paying the trial and retainer bar on the trial date and transferring the rest in a different way.


Do you offer hair services as well?


Yes. I offer light hair styles and Up-do’s on dry hair to compliment your total look. If you can plan on using hair accessories for your wedding day trials are available for hair as well and I usually book hair and makeup trials in one session.


Do you come on location?


Yes, I come to any place you order me to. I also have a brick and mortar studio in Netanya. It doesn’t matter where you are located in Israel. Additional charges for travels might be charged but I work Israel wide. For jobs abroad like destination weddings please contact me directly for an individual quote. Jobs in Eilat require a flight and an overnight stay. Therefore a luxury onsite touch-up service after the Chuppah is included.

Is your kit cruelty free and do you service vegan clients? How sustainable are you?

Absolutely. My kit is 100% cruelty free ( includes brands which sell in China )  but not 100% vegan.

If you inform me in advance that you wish a purely vegan service I can accommodate this request. Just talk to me and inform me about your individual needs. In general I try to work sustainably. I collect my used mascara disposable brushes and donate them once in a year to an animal shelter where these tiny brushes are used to remove bugs and oily residue from fur and feathers and I minimise plastic waste.

I have certain allergies. Do you adjust your service?

If you have particular allergies I will adjust my kit accordingly to give you a safe application. Talk to me about your specific needs.

Do you support the LGBT community and same sex weddings?

100%. I am LGBT friendly vendor and together we can work on your wishes for your special day. I'd be happy if you choose me for your event or transformation.

I offer light male and female grooming as well as gender transformations.

I have a special medical condition. Can I wear makeup ?

If you suffer from temporary hair loss ( chemo treatment ) or permanent hair loss, healed 2nd or 3rd degree burns, severe scars, missing/ deformed facial features or anything else let's chat about it. I can combine beauty makeup techniques with special effects makeup and design a custom solution for your personal needs. This is very individual and I can't give a clear answer if wearing makeup for a special event is suitable for your condition but I'd  be happy to consult with you about your options.

I get married in the southern regions. What if code red interferes with my wedding date?

My contract states that both parties are released from the contract. I am going to roll with your decision if you want to proceed with your wedding on that day and decide in the situation if I will hold up to our contract as well. I am familiar with code red situations in border communities and can handle those stress situations accordingly. If you are in, I am in. If your wedding will be moved to an alternative date which I can accommodate, the retainer will be transferred to that date without any additional fees. If this issue occurs, close communication is required to find an individual solution for your event.

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