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Lifestyle workshops


In today’s global lifestyle whether you are a career woman, a mother or both or a young woman in the making, we women have one thing in common. We love to buy makeup but then it ends up standing around and not being used. Youtube offers a sheer overload of tutorials and also a ton of totally unusable information.


Please. Help me! I am drowning.  If you ever looked at your makeup collection with a big questionmark above your head, worry no more.


I can teach you the basic and important techniques that you can use every day at home to give yourself the look you desire with the products you already own.


This workshop will improve your personal makeup skills and will start or bring back the fun in playing with your own makeup. You will learn simple techniques that will give you a professional look in minutes.


Have some cool makeup products in your vanity or bath room but never really use them because you don't have any clue how? Then this workshop is for you.


At the end of the one and half hour session, I will give you personal and professional tips tailored to your individual beauty that you can use every day.

Image Workshops


This workshop is for customer service personnel and sales representatives, those who work with public. As the “face” of the company you are the first impression that your client has of the company, you want to make the right first impression.

It is important that your first impression be one that creates a long lasting relationship between you and your client. 

I can help you ensure that your first impression is a lasting one.

If you are interested in an individual workshop or in a group session with several participants, please contact me and let's chat about it.


All workshops are held in english only.

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